Hymn to Hope

We wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the story behind our music video project Hymn to Hope.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out our home page or YouTube channel.

We are incredibly thankful to Hedrick Brothers Productions for their many unseen hours spent on this project and their obvious artistic talent.   It was a joy to work with you both on this project and to see how the Lord is establishing the work of your hands!


The composer of this gorgeous piece of music, Rolf Lovland, is perhaps best-known for having written the popular song “You Raise Me Up.” Many of his other compositions, though equally beautiful, are much more obscure. “Hymn to Hope” is one such example. Though the original recording features more elaborate instrumentation, its simplistic beauty and broad scope lends itself well to a few basic acoustic instruments. This piece quickly became a personal favorite of ours and one that was soon added to our regular repertoire.

Last fall, Jonathan and Joshua Hedrick of Hedrick Brothers Productions (and brothers of Lindsay) began talking with us casually about doing a music video. Initially, we talked about how much fun it would be to produce our own music video. By late winter our discussions turned more serious and we made the decision to move forward! Through the course of conversation between the four of us, it became abundantly clear that this was a worthy endeavor to pursue. We eagerly set about planning how we might showcase this wonderful piece through the means of a music video.

We decided to film in early spring while the flowers and buds were still fresh and tender. With the dogwoods blooming around us and the awakening signs of early spring amidst the plants that had long since lain dormant, we were visually reminded of the promise that true hope and new life can only be found in Christ. We also looked into several options and considered many ideas for filming locations, but we continued coming back to a quiet little piece of property along the banks of a rippling river and the gorgeous landscape of Camp Alta Mons in Shawsville, VA where our families first met back in 1998. Both locations were not only descriptive of our themes, but fit the breadth and scope of the song while giving viewers a glimpse of some of southwest Virginia’s finest scenery.

We hope you enjoyed the video :)
Soli Deo Gloria!

Felice Strings


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